NAYINTY3 Returns Policy

If I need to return something to NAYINTY3, what are the steps:

Customer must contact NAYINTY3 within seven (7) calendar days of receipt of product. NAYINTY3’s Order Operations Center will provide the customer with a case number. Contact information: NAYINTY3 Order Operations (Mon. through Fri. 8 AM to 5 PM Central Standard Time)

When contacting NAYINTY3, the customer should be prepared to provide:

  1. Customer name, contact name, voice and fax number, e-mail address
  2. Customer Purchase Order (PO) number
  3. Reason for return using the provided categories by the NAYINTY3 Returns team
  4. Part number, description and quantity
  5. Condition of original packaging
  • NAYINTY3 seeks approval of return from vendor and/or manufacturer and notifies customer. If the return is approved, NAYINTY3 will provide the customer a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number, along with instructions by fax or e-mail for proper shipment of return product. RMA numbers are valid for seven (7) calendar days from date of issuance. If the return is not approved, then NAYINTY3 cannot accept the return and the customer keeps the product.

  • Customer must ship return product per provided instructions within 24 hours of receiving an RMA number from NAYINTY3. Unless customer is otherwise authorized in writing by NAYINTY3, purchase must be returned in its original box and packaging, and with all warranty cards, software, manuals and accessories. Any variance from these conditions could result in delay or forfeiture of a credit or exchange. NAYINTY3 generally pays for shipping of eligible returns other than returns due to customer error. For customer error returns, customer pays for shipping and insurance in “as new” condition.

  • Vendor and/or manufacturer determine partial, full or no credit for return. NAYINTY3 refunds customer as according to the receipt of vendor’s credit.

What is our Return Policy?

Items purchased from NAYINTY3 which are returnable per the guidelines below may be eligible for credit or exchange. NAYINTY3’s ability to credit or exchange return items is not guaranteed and is further subject to the approval of its vendors and/or manufacturers and the terms of their own returns policies.

What is a defective product?

Product which is defective or “dead on arrival” (DOA) will be processed for repair or replacement based on the vendor and/or manufacturer’s return policy. Most major manufacturers require that defective product be processed as warranty repair claims and cannot be returned for credit. Product that is returned incomplete or tested and found to be functional will be returned to the customer at customer’s expense.

What is a “Customer Error” in return?

If a customer orders the wrong product for any reason, the return of such product may be possible if:

  1. The customer follows the returns procedure and time lines outlined in the first FAQ; and
  2. The vendor or manufacturer approves the return under their applicable return policies

What if Freight Damaged needs to be returned?

Product which is damaged by the carrier must be noted by the customer on the receiving document (Bill of Lading) at the time of receipt. Customer must also contact NAYINTY3 Customer Service immediately. Any variance from following these practices could result in delay or forfeiture of a credit or exchange.

If vendor makes errors?

When it is determined that a vendor has shipped the wrong product to a customer and/or over-shipped a product, the customer may obtain credit from NAYINTY3 for such product if the customer follows the RMA procedure and timelines outlined below.

What are the products that cannot be returned?

  1. Open-box product or product sealed with other than an original factory seal
  2. Discontinued product
  3. Custom-built, configured, asset-tagged or special order product
  4. Software with any broken seal media
  5. Any other product defined by vendor and/or manufacturer policies as “non-returnable”

What are NAYINTY3 Return disclaimers?

  1. NAYINTY3 cannot accept returns without an RMA number. Additionally, the issuance of a RMA Number does not imply that a credit, exchange or refund for an otherwise eligible return is guaranteed.
  2. If NAYINTY3 receives product which has not been authorized for return as outlined above, product will be returned to customer at customer’s expense.
  3. Return eligibility may be denied and/or credit may be reduced or denied if:
  4. The timelines and processes in this policy are not followed by the customer; and/or
  5. The return is not approved by the vendor or manufacturer or not allowed under their applicable return policies.
  6. Refunds on purchases made with a customer’s credit card will only be credited to the same card.
  7. NAYINTY3 reserves the right to charge the customer restocking fees depending on the policies of the manufacturer and/or vendor.
  8. Any reduction or denial of credit by the manufacturer and/or vendor shall be charged to the customer.

NAYINTY3 Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale


All prices given here are subject to change based upon manufacturer’s pricing to NAYINTY3 Unless otherwise stated pricing does not include freight or installation. Prices are exclusive of all taxes now in force or enacted in the future and therefore subject to an increase equal to the amount NAYINTY3 may be required to collect to pay associated with the sale or delivery of items herein. Maintenance may be made available under a separate agreement. Modification of this order by the customer after order acceptance by NAYINTY3, may result in a change in price to reflect material and labor expenses incurred by NAYINTY3, in making said modifications.


The only applicable warranties will be provided by the manufacturers of the equipment listed herein. NAYINTY3, will act on the customer’s behalf with the manufacturers to obtain warranty service, if required. If warranty service is required, NAYINTY3 shall assist in upholding Customers rights under these warranties, including labor, at the prevailing rate. Any software is warranted only if, and to the extent of existence of, the applicable manufacturer’s warranty and is distributed by NAYINTY3 on an “As Is” basis without warranty by NAYINTY3. NAYINTY3 does not warrant that the operation of any equipment or of any programs will be uninterrupted or error free, or that all programming errors will be corrected.


IN “NO EVENT” SHALL NAYINTY3 be liable for special incidental or consequential damages in connection with, or arising out of, the furnishing, performance or use at any product or services covered by this agreement. Responsibility and/or liability of NAYINTY3 shall, in connection with any product or service, be limited in maximum amount to the original purchase price of that product or service.

Customer agrees that products and equipment shall be used in manner described by the original manufacturer thereof, otherwise any applicable warranty will become null and void. Any applicable warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and is contingent upon proper storage, installation, use, and maintenance in conformance with applicable recommendations of manufacturer.


Payment shall be made with a deposit at the time of placing the order, with the remainder upon delivery. NAYINTY3 reserves the right to make partial shipments. Each shipment shall be a separate transaction and payment shall be made accordingly. If shipments are delayed by Customer for whatever reason, payment shall become due on the originally scheduled shipment date.

Customer hereby grants to NAYINTY3 a security interest in the equipment as security for the performance by customer of all its obligations in this agreement. Customer agrees to pay any and all expenses incurred by NAYINTY3 associated with the collection of any monies owed to NAYINTY3 by Customer or Customer’s agents.

To avoid late charges of 3.5% per month on the amount due, please pay by due date.


All software, updates, maintenance and licensed products are delivered electronically unless expressly denoted as tangible media or CD on the invoice description. Delivery shall be FOB destination. Risk of loss shall pass to Customer upon delivery and acceptance by Customer of the product. NAYINTY3 shall not be liable for any damages or penalty for delay in delivery or for failure to give notice of delay when such delay is due to the elements, acts of God, delays in transportation, delays in delivery by NAYINTY3’s vendors or any other causes beyond the reasonable control of NAYINTY3. The scheduled delivery date shall be extended by a period equal to the time lost because of any such delay.

Acceptance on the T’c & C’s

Customer agrees to accept the listed equipment, programs, and programming services under the defined standard terms and conditions of  NAYINTY3. Customer further agrees, with respect to equipment and programming. To accept responsibility for: 1) their selection to achieve the Customer’s intended results, 2) their use and 3) the results obtained therefrom. Customer also has the responsibility for the selection and use of, and results obtained from, any other equipment, programs or services used with the equipment and programming. The terms and conditions of sale contained herein supersede all agreements made and purchase orders submitted to and accepted by NAYINTY3.

All sales shall be final once accepted by Customer. NAYINTY3 is under no obligation to refund or exchange merchandise. NAYINTY3 is entitled to reasonable storage fees for any merchandise left on its premises. Deposits or prepayments made prior to delivery are also non-refundable.